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What form of payment do you accept?2022-10-13T15:01:22-05:00

We are a cashless park, but we do have cash to card ATMs available.

We accept all forms of credit / debit cards. We have a “cash to card” ATM machine available for guests who need to put cash on to a debit card. There is no service fee for the card and the debit card can be used anywhere.

Do I have to pay if I’m not participating?2024-01-23T12:36:37-06:00

For the safety of all guests, a ticket and waiver are required to entry, but we do offer a Green Parent Pass for those that do not want to participate at a discounted rate to enter the park. Passes for all levels are available for those that would like to participate.

If I am having a party do I have to purchase a parent pass?2024-01-23T12:37:33-06:00

Birthday parties include 2 parent passes for the birthday child, and one parent pass per paid birthday guest.

Is smoking or tobacco allowed in the park?2022-08-03T10:37:47-05:00
Bolder Adventure Park is a tobacco free facility.  Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, or any other form of tobacco.  If guests want to leave the adventure park to smoke, they will be re-admitted into the adventure park if they are wearing a wristband purchased that day.
Is there a place to store my belongings inside Bolder Adventure Park?2022-08-03T10:38:39-05:00
Various sized and priced electronic lockers are available.  Guests not using lockers are advised that Bolder Adventure Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  This includes items left in or around attraction areas.
Is outside food or drink allowed at Bolder Adventure Park? 2023-02-10T09:57:37-06:00
Bolder Adventure Park does not allow outside food, drinks or coolers into the park, this includes cakes unless approved and contracted with the event. Dietary restrictions, food allergies and baby formula are exceptions to this rule but must be identified and labeled with the date of entry once a guest arrives by an employee at our admissions desk. No glass of any kind is permitted in the park which includes baby formula and baby food.

Birthday package guests are allowed to bring cupcakes or a cake to their party to celebrate their special day.

What happens if the Dome loses power?  2022-08-03T10:21:22-05:00
The dome’s mechanical systems have redundancies of power with natural gas generators on site and multiple mechanical inflation systems in place.
What is the air supported dome? 2022-08-03T10:38:57-05:00
Bolder Adventure Park is a 66,000 square foot indoor facility that is built within an air supported dome structure.  Air supported domes are building structures that are inflated with pressurized air which allow the park to have 66,000 square foot of indoor floor space with ceiling heights up to 75 feet tall.  The air supported dome is what allows Bolder to have unique, and exciting adventure based attractions that typically can only be experienced outdoors, but due to the height and space of the air supported dome, we are able to have these attractions in an all indoor facility.
Does Bolder host group events?  2022-08-16T09:05:32-05:00
YES!  Bolder Adventure Park is designed to create a memorable experience for groups of all sizes.  We offer group rates for groups of 20 or more, and also have options available for space rentals throughout the facility.  We also offer buy out options to rent the entire park if you would like a completely private experience for a large group.  Please complete the Group Event form to be contacted for additional information tailored to your group event. See details here.
Do you require reservations for the Ropes Course or Via Ferrata?2023-07-28T07:44:14-05:00

The Ropes Course and Via Ferrata are run on an appointment basis.

Appointments are allocated at the park on a first come/first serve basis. For groups of ten or more, we highly recommend that you book a group event through our Sales Department to ensure you will receive an appointment time that best aligns with your event. Click here for more info on Group Events.

Does Bolder offer birthday packages?  2022-08-16T09:05:41-05:00
YES!  Bolder Adventure Park has several different birthday packages available.  We would be honored and excited to help create a one-of-a-kind experience for your big day. See details here.
Do I have to rent shoes?  2022-08-15T15:47:49-05:00
You are only required to rent shoes if you do not have a closed heel / toe shoe, and you are participating in the Black and Double Black attractions packages.  Closed heel / toe shoes are required for your safety on these attractions.  If you have your own closed heel / toe shoes, then you will not be required to rent shoes.
What are the age / height / weight restrictions?  2022-08-05T12:26:54-05:00
The safety requirements for each attraction are listed on our Attractions Page.
What is the cost?  2022-08-05T12:25:49-05:00
Our pricing is based on the amount of attractions that you want to experience.  Please see our attractions pricing information for full details.
When will you begin hiring?  2022-08-05T12:24:20-05:00
If you are interested in joining our team at Bolder, please complete this hiring form HERE and we will contact you regarding employment opportunities.

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